Help Promote Scouting in the Northshore area

Donations to the Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting ( will be used to promote scouting in the Northshore area. The organization is recognized by the state and federal governments as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organzation. The CNPS mission is to "Promote, Enable, and Strengthen Scouting in the Northshore Community over Generations". Typical uses of donations may include camperships for scouts in financially challenged families, equipment, training and supplies for our sponsored units, and providing assistance to the District and Council to help raise awareness of Scouting in our area.
Thank you for your generous contribution.

Specifying Use

Generally speaking, your contribution will increase our ability to provide scouting to youth who couldn't otherwise afford it, and to raise awareness of scouting in the northshore area. If you have some specific preference on how your donation is used, please let us know. We will try to honor your wishes as we are able within the legal guidelines that apply to a not-for-profit organization. In particular you should be aware that the law prohibits our organization from passing a contribution along to a specific individual. However your contribution may make it possible for us to sponsor a scout for whom funds were not previously available.

Friends of Scouting Campaign

If you are donating for Friends of Scouting for either Pack 622 or Troop 582 please indicate this with your payment. "Pack 622 FOS" or "Troop 582 FOS" is sufficient. We have yet to set this up for Troop 604, so please contact us for more information.

Friends of Scouting is an annual fundraiser that benefits the Chief Seattle Council.  It typically kicks off in November and concludes in March.  These funds are used to maintain our camps, pay for our scout store and support staff, etc.  Scouting's annual dues pay for less than 20% of the cost of supporting a single scout.  So this annual campaign gives those in the program an opportunity to pay their own way, and provides a means for family, friends and the community to help support scouts who can't.   Our units set an annual monetary goal, and your contribution through the annual unit campaign helps us meet that goal.

Office Professional Plus - Desktop Software

If you are making a donation to offset a subscription request for Office Professional Plus, please note the email address of the subscriber.  We pay about $30/year, so a donation of this amount frees this money up for other purposes, and any amount above this will be added to our general fund

You may make your donation via any of the payment methods below.

Payment Methods

If you wish to send us a check, make it out to "Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting", and mail it to the address listed here. Please be sure to include your contact information so that we can thank you. 

To Donate through PayPal

Pack 622 - Friends of Scouting
Donate to the Pack 622 Friends of Scouting Campaign via PayPal

Troop 582 - Friends of Scouting
Donate to the Troop 582 Friends of Scouting Campaign via PayPal

General Donation
Make a General Donation to the Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting via PayPal